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By Patrick Barlow

Adapted from the 1915 Novel by John Buchan and the 1939 Film by Alfred Hitchcock

Summer Rep Theatre Festival: Santa Rosa, CA

June 2019

Director: Shad Willingham

Scenic: Theron Wineinger

Lighting: Joe Beumer

Costume: Trent Pcenicni

Sound: Anna Alex

Photos: Tom Chown

Cast: Nicolas Fernandez, Caroline Pernick, Roberto Perez Kempton, & Carson Cerney

"Theron Wineinger brings a nicely detailed set, which holds almost every item necessary for each scene, to SRT. The actors double as the crew as they grab things off of shelves or utilize chairs or boxes on stage to represent a car or a train." - Harry Duke, The Bohemian

The 39 Steps performed in repertory with Sylvia, linked here

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